Are the people
who make
your clothes
paid enough
to live on?

Find out which apparel and footwear brands pay their workers a Living Wage.

of surveyed brands aren't paying garment workers
a living wage
Living Wages
Not poverty wages
The majority of garment workers are unable to afford life's basic necessities. Fair pay for labour is a fundamental human right, but none of the biggest fashion brands pay garment workers a wage they can live on.
Gendered Pay

80% of garment workers are women. They are routinely paid less than their male counterparts. Gender inequality is deeply rooted in the industry's power imbalance, and gendered pay has a direct link to verbal, physical and sexual assault.

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In the face of a crisis

Brands have profited from poverty wages for decades, leaving garment workers with no security through uncertain times. The COVID-19 crisis showcased the social and economic inequality of the industry, particularly affecting the millions locked in jobs without legal protections.

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