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Your voice matters. Brands are highly image focused and take consumer opinions very seriously. We want you to let them know that workers deserve better. Tell the brands you buy from that you want your clothes made free from exploitation.

Visit the websites of our national organisations to find out how you can email brands to tell them about this campaign.





Support garment workers through Covid-19

Sign the petition asking brands to pay for orders. The garment industry was drained of billions of dollars when brands canceled orders after the corona virus shut down society. Millions of workers have been without full pay for months,and no pay means no food.

Sign the Petition

Donate to our emergency relief fund to help us directly support workers in production countries, many of whom were already waiting on wages from before the corona outbreak. Organisations in our network are arranging food hand outs in support of garment workers and their families in their local communities. Follow our live blog for the latest news.